snapd – Cabbagetown

A big thanks for snapd Cabbagetown for doing a profile on the market! The photos along with the profile are a great highlight of all the market vendors.

Whole Grain Banana Zucchini Muffins

FROM GAIL’S KITCHEN Whole Grain Banana Zucchini Muffins By Jillian Oliver and Gail Gordon Oliver Edible Toronto magazine My daughter Jillian found a recipe for banana zucchini muffins on […]

Market Week – August 4th

We have been experiencing some hot days in Ontario and across Canada. Everything seems to be in the making for an extreme summer – before it was the rain and now […]

Vinaigrettes and Marinades

FROM GAIL’S KITCHEN Vinaigrettes and Marinades By Gail Gordon Oliver Edible Toronto magazine Summertime is grilling time. And what teams better with grilled foods than crisp salads and grilled vegetables? […]

Market Week – July 28th

Howdy Market-Goers! Another great week folks, we hope you keep telling your friends. We were happy to have hosted the local non-profit LEAF to talk about Toronto’s urban forests in addition […]

Market Week – July 21

Hello Market-goers! This week listen for the musical stylings of Emily McCourt & take home a bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay wine- grown and produced in Prince Edward County […]

Why we love Ontario

(click on the image to enlarge & zoom in or the link below) It isn’t necessarily about asking “Is this organic?” but about asking “How do you grow/create this food?”– […]