Market Week – September 1st


We are so excited to let you know we will be continuing the market to the very end of farmers’ market season: October 19th. We hope that you have enjoyed the vendor variety thus far. There will be some changes to the vendor line-up, but fear not for the goods will be just as amazing! With the fall season fast approaching, new and exciting produce is hitting the market.

What’s Fresh

New fruits are coming into season! P&H Farms is bringing melons and apples along with many different gourds, squashes and chilis. Feast of Fields is adding pears and plums to their large variety of fruit.

Take advantage of the variety of heirloom tomatoes while they last! Many of our vendors have a large selection to choose from. Buy them in bulk and make a big batch of sauce or freeze them for later use.

Lifespring Beyond Organic Farm will have celery, fennel, kohlrabi and leeks.

If you’re getting a little hungry while shopping, stop by one of our prepared food vendors and grab a snack! Animal Liberation will be back with jackfruit tacos and samosas by popular demand. Earth + City will have chocolate macaroons this week, just ask for one from their cooler.

We welcome a new winery this week: Reimer Vineyards – a family run organic vineyard from Niagara-On-The-Lake.

Our musicians this week will be playing cello & guitar. Enjoy the musical stylings of Zebulun & Amber.

Use some of these delicious fall veggies to make a hearty stew or seasonal soup (follow the link to recipe!)


Meet the Vendors

Get to know more of the wonderful vendors that grace the market. Michelle interviewed Betsey & Omar from P & H Farms as well as Principle Beekeeper Oliver Couto from The Bee Shop. Oliver shares  how honey gets it’s different flavours & the health in eating beeswax. Betsey & Omar explain how their grow everything, even the grains for their baked goods, in Port Hope. Read here to learn more.


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